Twelve 2013 paintings added to website

Twelve paintings were just added to Group One under the Paintings menu:

Parallel Universes Created from the Void (Four Pairs of Two Dissimilar Rectangles), 2013
Orpheus Ascending (One Rectangle), 2013
Orpheus Descending (One Rectangle), 2013
Summer Reverie (Eighteen Algorithmic Rectangles), 2013
Parallel Universes Created from the Void (Four Sets of Three Dissimilar Rectangles), 2013
Ghosts (24 Rectangles: The Intersection of Incident, Intuition, and Intent), 2013
Dusk Expanded into an Algorithm (Sixteen Rectangles), 2013
Nighttime in the Park: CCTV (One Rectangle), 2013
Undercurrents of Desire, 2013
Remains of the Day Redux. 2013
To the Valley (Eight Algorithmic Rectangles), 2013
Brave New World (Twelve Rectangles), 2013